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Purchasing STAM ebook

Purchasing STAM: A Concise Guide

Version 0.9b | August 19, 2012

Based on a series of blog posts at, this guide sheds some light on the people who produce STAM and the methods and materials they use. Required reading for anyone who is in the market for Sifrei Torah, tefilin, mezuzos, megilos or nevi’im.

Available in the following formats:

  • Mobi for Kindle and Kindle apps.
  • ePub for most other e-readers.
  • PDF for printing or viewing on a PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet.

Other file formats may be available upon request.

STAMink Worksheet

Worksheet for STAM buyers

Version 1.01 | January 8, 2012

Be an educated consumer! Know what you’re getting. Get what you paid for.

Whether you buy STAM from a retailer or direct from the Sofer, this worksheet can help you make an informed decision.

Download the worksheet (PDF file) and use it to plan your next STAM purchase.

For more information, read the ebook (above), or see the series of blog posts on purchasing STAM at

Completed sample worksheets are available for reference. 

New subscription service

The subscription services used by this blog have been migrated to a new host. RSS users might notice some older posts returning to the feed as unread. This should be a one-time issue.

eBook version 1.01

Updated bio and fixed links.

Download the files from the Homepage.

eBook version 0.9b

Public beta.

Download the files from the Homepage.

Worksheet version 1.01

  • Edit to footnote 4: changed “require” to “should have” to reflect the fact that no machine made klaf currently on the market  has a recognized, reliable hechsher.

Download the file from the Homepage.

Worksheet version 1.00

  • Minor proofreading edits and layout changes.
  • Added links to “Dealer”, “Sofer”, etc. – clicking on them will open the URL for the relevant blog posts.

Worksheet version 0.10b

Limited public beta.